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Keep your beverages and other chilled products cold while creating an attractive and enticing display for customers with the use of a merchandising refrigerator


Whether you operate a convenience store, cafeteria, liquor store, bakery, deli, or fast food restaurant you want to be sure customers can easily see the options you have available for beverages and prepackaged cold foods such as salads, sandwiches, and other cold snacks. You also need to be sure these foods are kept at a safe and appetizingly chilled temperature. This is where a merchandising refrigerator is the perfect solution to serve both of your needs, allowing you to be sure cold foods and beverages stay at the right temperature while also allowing customers to easily browse the selection of items available to them and even self-serving where appropriate.


When selecting a merchandising refrigerator you will find there is a wide range of styles and types to choose from depending on your needs and requirements. Probably the most basic of options is a standard merchandising refrigerator or freezer. These units include single, double, or triple glass doors that either slide or swing open depending on your preference and space limitations. You’ll find a range of widths as well as storage capacities to choose from. Choose between black and white finishes, and door hinge location of either right or left. You will also find pass-through models, with doors from the back as well as the front. This style makes it incredibly easy to restock your refrigerator and also ensure that all product follows the “first in/first out” rule. You will also find a selection of combination refrigerator/freezers that include sections of the cooler that can be set to different temperatures to support both fresh or frozen product. These units work particularly well in settings with limited square footage.


If you are seeking a smaller and more compact version of a merchandising refrigerator, then a countertop freezer or fridge may be the perfect choice for you. These compact units can be placed on any countertop and work especially well for merchandising product right at the eye level of customers, making them a great choice for near-register placement to drive impulse purchases. You will find models in both a swing door and sliding door style, allowing you to customize to your needs. You can also choose the placement of the compressor with either bottom, rear, or top compressor placement. Glass sided merchandisers are another great option if you are looking to maximize the visual appeal of your product and ensure customers can see it from any angle. These coolers have glass sides as well as glass doors, offering a 360 degree view of the product inside. This style of merchandising cooler is often used in bakeries to show off pies or other attractive baked goods, but can also be used for merchandising any product such as beverages or sandwiches.


Whatever type of merchandising refrigerator you are looking for, at you will find the perfect choice for your unique business. Choose from a wide range of the best brands all with our lowest price guarantee, free freight on everything, and 32 years of quality as an authorized dealer.

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